During an emergency situation, you don’t want to spend hours searching for someone who will be able to help  Emergency Locksmith Servicesyou out. Emergency locksmith Oakville Lock Service is here to help all hours of the day and night. Jot down our number and enter it in your smart phone or address book, so you don’t have to waste time in an emergency situation.

When you give us a call, we will dispatch a technician to your location within minutes, you will receive a call from your tech, which will tell you exactly when he will arrive so you know what to expect. There are many emergency situations that can occur and are organized into two different levels.

Level 1 Emergency

These emergencies are the ones that need immediate attention. If you have ever locked your kids or pets in the home or vehicle we understand the urgency. Other situations may include a medicine cabinet lockout where certain medications must be taken at a specific time or health can be compromised. Other situations can occur in the middle of the winter, as we all know Oakville can get quite cold in the winter months. If you find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle in the middle of the night, not a lot of time has to pass by before you feel very cold. We treat winter lockouts very seriously and will make sure to get you back in quickly. When we are faced with such situations we bump your call to the very top of the list and make sure a technician attends to your right away. Young children have locked the door before while their parents were simply throwing the trash away with no way to get back in. You are standing outside your door, unable to communicate with the child since they are too young to understand how to unlock the door. While the kid is alone inside he may trip down the stairs, knock something over, and that is a scary thought. You do not want to wait for over two hours for someone to become available and help you out. If you call our emergency locksmith Oakville, we will send someone over right away.

Level 2 Emergency

These emergencies are the types that should be attended to quickly but do not have anyone’s personal safety at risk. Other emergency lockouts can be an office lockout for example, where you are in a closed building environment and the outside weather is not a crucial factor that could potentially harm your. Other emergency locksmith situations include but are not limited to regular house lockouts, car lockouts, lost keys, re-keying services, and lock changes. Whatever the reason of your emergency may be, we take it very seriously and send our technicians over right away. What makes us different in this field as well is that after our techs solve your emergency, they will advise on you on what to do so you do not have to find yourself in this situation again. They carry all lock inventories you may think of, and thus are able to install more efficient locks that will not leave you out in the cold again.