Oakville Lock Service has been around for the past 15 years, family owned and operated locally in Oakville, Ontario. Our old-fashioned views of customer service but new-age technology and state of the art tools allow to us to keep our clients satisfied. When we decided to open our Locksmith Oakville Service, we had one idea in mind. We wanted to be different than all the other locksmiths in a way that we are available 24 hours, all day and all night even during holidays.

Our image – As stated above, we wanted to have a different image than the other locksmith shops around, back in the day most businesses worked the regular hours of 9-5. We thought to ourselves, how could this be a fair business that will actually help people in need; after all, we never choose when to get locked out of our homes. It is a true fact that most people who would get locked out of their homes, offices or vehicles would need to wait for the morning to get their properties opened up. People would have to either grab a spot on their friends/family’s couch or have to pay for a hotel room. This can be thought about as manageable if you do not have any children or pets, but what happens if you do? Can you imagine having to leave your pet in your home all night alone? What if they have no water or food left? They need to be walked? Is it fair to keep them in the home all night long alone? We can agree that the answer is no. Hence, we wanted to offer a service that is 24/7 year round including all holidays.

Our technicians – We pride ourselves on the technicians working for Oakville Lock Service, there is nothing more we appreciate the honesty and work ethic they bring to the table. Being a 24-hour Locksmith technician is certainly not easy, when you are on call, it does not matter what or where you are, you must drop everything and attend to our clients. Our technicians go through many stages of assessments prior to being hired and added on to our team. All the techs have background checks and skills testing. We hire only the best skilled techs with superior lock and security knowledge. We want our clients to feel secure that who ever comes to their door knows exactly what they are doing, and can go about their day feeling safe and secure.

Our team- Our team here at Oakville Lock Service does not start and end with only our technicians. Our team consists of our managers, dispatchers, and accountants and of course technicians. We’d like to think of ourselves as a tight nit team that works together quite well. When you call our services, one of our friendly dispatchers will answer the phone, and will dispatch you a technician to come to your assistance. The dispatcher will need to know your location and the reason for your call so she can send out the best-suited technician for your situation. As we work 24/7, there will never be a time where you are greeted by continuous rings that will leave you frustrated. We are always here for you to help you out of any lock jam you may come across.